Sunday Summary #31: What’s on the Internet

1|  Somebody finally wrote the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye Ruined My Life” piece I’ve always wanted!

It’s fostered the sort of shame that follows me into my relationship now, and it makes me angry at how dating or relationships without marriage as a pre-determined point, let alone sex or any kind of physical affection, were robbed of any joy for me. It’s like a low level noise of distrust and anxiety that some would probably call the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I once called it that, but no more.

2|  Jeff Goldblum describes his excitement about being in the new Thor movie and continues to make my heart scream, “WHY am I so attracted to this man!?”

“Not only Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins… jeez, that’s gonna be fun.”

3|  There’s going to be a new Final Fantasy game!  Chibi versions of old characters all together in a new world doing…something!  I don’t care, I’m here for it.

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