Let’s Talk About…’90s NOSTALGIA

Tricia:  Are you ready for some ’90s throwback nostalgia?

Elizabeth:  Yes, but I was not paying much attention to pop culture in the ’90s.  Also, we didn’t have cable growing up.
I think I may have missed some things.

Tricia:  I didn’t have cable either!
So all the TV shows I’m going to bring up were well within your ability to watch.

Elizabeth:  So I have no excuse for not knowing all these things, is what you’re saying.

Tricia:  Yes.  🙂

Elizabeth:  IS WISHBONE ON THIS LIST.  If not, your list is invalid.

Tricia:  …it’s not.

Elizabeth:  Well, that was short.

Tricia:  I veered more toward late ’90s / me as a pre-teen (because of the reason this all began…JTT).

Elizabeth:  You’re never too old to watch Wishbone, Tricia.  But okay.  Begin with JTT.  Explain who that is for the readers at home.   Continue reading