Sunday Summary #37

1|  Stop Pretending “Sexy” and “Sexualized” Mean the Same Thing by The Mary Sue

YES, thank you.  There are ways to show and appreciate the human form without resorting to gross objectification.

I repeat: nobody has a problem with you being turned on by people you find attractive. This article is not about how you perceive people; it’s about how they are presented to you…The human body is neutral, not inherently objectified just by virtue of being visible. When Olympic athletes are represented in the media, the photographers, journalists and commentators have a choice: do they show these accomplished professionals doing their thing and allow viewers to decide on their own if they find the competitors attractive, or do they choose close-ups, angles and descriptions which draw attention to attractiveness over performance?

2|  What Travel Did For My Body-Image by Travelettes

I love this piece on how travel helps your body image by shifting your priorities and decreasing your opportunities to obsess over your body.

3|  Alia Shawkat & Aubrey Plaza Will Play Hamilton & Burr in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Drunk History Episode! by The Mary Sue

YESSSS, super excited to see this gender-bending, immigrant-appreciating Drunk History about Hamilton and Burr!

4|  Finally, the Try Guys recreate the Ancient Olympics, and it’s AMAZING, obviously.

Sunday Summary #36: What’s on the Internet

Just some videos this week, but BOY are they great videos spanning my range of interests.

First we’ve got a beautifully created video about Learning a New Language.  This girl is a powerhouse creator, and I LOVE how she captures the struggle of learning a language that is not your own – not so much the mental struggle, but the emotional struggle of not being able to express yourself or even BE yourself in another language.

Then we’ve got Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about his last performance as Alexander Hamilton, and AGH, the end of an era.

Finally, we have the Buzzfeed Try Guys getting photoshopped again, but this time according to female photoshop standards.  I LIVE for their cultural awareness and female positivity while also being absolutely hilarious.

Sunday Summary #11: What’s on the Internet


1|  Rachel Held Evans wrote a really beautiful piece about how we can never escape the faith of our childhood or arrive at a new “better” faith.  Instead, we wrestle with acknowledging our privilege and interpretations as we seek deeper truths, celebrating and critiquing the Church as we do so.

2|  David Schell wrote about how the angst of Advent was transformed into joy when he heard about the warm welcome offered to Syrian refugees in Canada.  It’s a super heartwarming look at what happens when Advent becomes real.

3|  Jaya Saxena wrote a school report about the life of Alexander Hamilton based only on the musical with no historical context, and it is hilarious!

Today I am going to talk to you about America’s ten dollar founding father without a father, Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton was an important figure in American history for many reasons. He was America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, founded the New York Post, and together with his friend and rival Aaron Burr invented rap in 1776.


1|  Buzzfeed has been doing a lot of amazing articles and videos for their Mental Health Week, and I especially loved watching the Try Guys go to Therapy.  Their videos are usually based on humor, so it was really cool to see them open up about themselves to each other in a group therapy session.

2|  Star Wars stars  (old and new) create an a capella music medley with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots!!

3|  Another Star Wars song!  This one is a parody/summary with killer harmonies.