Let’s Talk About…HOT MEN THROUGHOUT THE DECADES (1960s-2010s)

Yesterday Elizabeth enlightened me on the hottest men from 1910-1950.  Since I have very little knowledge of the hottest men of yesteryear, she got very little pushback.  Today…I have some opinions!  

[Click HERE to read our earlier conversation and what led to Elizabeth saying…]

Elizabeth: Just to splash some cold water on you


Elizabeth:  For the 1960s I have again chosen Cary Grant, because his perfection cannot be contained by one decade.

Tricia:  HAHAHA

Elizabeth:  I realize this is cheating, and I don’t care.

Tricia:  I approve of your cheating.
Truly Hot Men are Always Hot

Elizabeth:  My favorite movie with him, Charade, came out in 1963
It’s definitive proof that funny men are 1,000% hotter


Tricia:  We watched that together, right??

Elizabeth:  Not together.

Tricia:  Wait.  Which Cary Grant movie did we watch?  Oh, with a cat burglar?

Elizabeth:  To Catch a Thief
the one with the striped shirt from earlier

Tricia:  Oh, yes!
You’ve been educating me on Cary Grant for a while now!
A+ friend award to YOU!

Elizabeth:  This is my contribution to the world


Tricia:  I do love a man who lets things be thrown on him.
And who casually disregards the inconvenience.

Elizabeth:  Okay, moving on
I think you already know who I’ve selected for the 1970s –
ROBERT REDFORD.  God bless America and Robert Redford’s amber waves of beautiful, beautiful hair.



Elizabeth:  (I know I sent you this same gif like twice already, but I honestly don’t believe there’s a better one out there)

Tricia:  There’s not.  This is human perfection.
I’ve seen a lot of Greek statues around lately, and HE WOULD FIT RIGHT IN


Tricia:  Hahaha!
Sassy AND hot!  The best combination!
(this may be why I am so often attracted to gay men)

Elizabeth:  There’s nothing more I can say about Robert; the pictures speak for themselves, I think.

Tricia:  Yes, and I don’t know if I can handle much more.
I know who I WANT…

Elizabeth:  1980s – this was actually a tough decade for me.  I had to think about it quite a bit.

Tricia:  A hard thing to think about
I’m sure

Elizabeth:  I finally picked Harrison Ford, but am open to suggestions.
(I made this decision by Googling “top movies 1980s;” nobody from this decade made a great impression on me, apparently.)


Elizabeth:  (Yes, I know this is from a 1977 movie, but I don’t care; the ’80s sucked.)

Tricia:  Ah, okay.  I can be okay with this.
But I was one of the minority of people who was all “LUKE SKYWALKER who cares about Han Solo” so…

Elizabeth:  Who was your pick?  Because I’m really not happy with this

Tricia:  …Jeff Goldblum

Elizabeth:  hahahaha
I mean
(the ’80s sucked)

Tricia:  Sexy sexy nerd vibes.


Elizabeth:  Okay, okay, the glasses pic is good

Tricia:  …I’m going to get very opinionated from now on.  We’re getting into my media lifetime.
Who you got for the 1990s?
It better be JTT! (lol lol just kidding)

Elizabeth:  YES, bring on the opinions!
(please try to forget I didn’t know who JTT was until like a month ago)

Tricia:  I have already blocked this shameful knowledge from my memory

Elizabeth:  The 1990s were also a difficult decade for me.  The obvious ones are Leo and Brad, but I felt meh about the ’90s in general.  Great decade for romantic comedies, but I am ambivalent about the men.
I finally settled on Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, which came out in 1999.


You have literally chosen my all-time Most Hottest DREAMBOATIEST man of my entire lustful existence.

Elizabeth:  He is BEAUTIFUL.

Tricia:  He IS
You know how most men look either hot OR nice?  He looks both hot AND nice.

Elizabeth:  aww so true

Tricia:  It is an extremely rare occurrence

Elizabeth:  Well, Cary Grant!

Tricia:  Okay, but…Cary Grant is more HANDSOME.
Heath Ledger is definitely hot.

Elizabeth:  mmkay, fair
For 2000s, we have George Clooney, the closest living successor to Cary Grant


Tricia: Hm

Elizabeth:  “Hm”???
come ON, Tricia
He has the eyebrows and everything!

Tricia:  You have now chosen “Cary Grant” THREE TIMES, ELIZABETH
Your preferences are showing

Elizabeth:  I mean, I have been saying for the past six decades that Cary Grant is the most perfect man ever to exist, so.
Don’t know why you’re surprised.

Tricia:  I counter your “Knock-Off Cary Grant” with my own “Knock-Off Robert Redford”

Elizabeth:  ???


Elizabeth:  psh

Tricia:  Actual Greek God


Elizabeth:  Maybe it’s the unfortunate spike 2000s hair, but I don’t believe he has as much of a sensitive side as Robert Redford does.

Tricia:  Well, he did adopt a bunch of kids

Elizabeth:  Well, but forget the kids; don’t you think Robert Redford would be a better kisser?
I mean


Tricia: Hmmmm…I’m willing to test them both and let you know
Ah, here, for both of us…


Elizabeth:  Okay, see, that hair is better.

Tricia:  Anyway, I’m arguing for him over GEORGE CLOONEY.  I won’t step on your other decades.
Give the 2000s to Brad Pitt and let’s see what you’ve got for the 2010s
Did you go that far?

Elizabeth:  I did!  The present:

Tricia:  I’m so nervous.



Elizabeth:  Obviously.

Tricia:  Why was I nervous!?!?!?

Elizabeth:  As if I would pick anyone else!


Tricia:  See Also:  Hot AND Nice

Elizabeth:  YES

Tricia:  Oh God, my whole body is having a seizure
I got so distracted by all those other men, but HIS EYEBROWS AND SMILE
Truly the hottest man on earth (sorry Cary Grant)

Elizabeth:  Well, Cary is dead, so
not to put too fine a point on it

Tricia:  You are so callous, I LOVE IT

Elizabeth:  So what have we learned?
We love white boys with great hair who love to laugh?

Tricia:  We’re so basic.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…HOT MEN THROUGHOUT THE DECADES (1960s-2010s)

  1. Elizabeth Waibel (@lizwaibel) June 9, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    Even though we didn’t include his name, regular readers of the blog will no doubt recognize our 2010s pick as Tom Hiddleston.


    • Tricia June 9, 2016 / 5:46 pm

      We never said his name!? Hahahaa! Well, honestly, it shouldn’t be necessary. !


  2. mudandstars June 9, 2016 / 11:59 pm

    I have to admit, I didn’t know who Tom Hiddleston was before reading your post. You have opened my eyes!! Haha. And I’m in 100% agreement with you about Heath Ledger. I really enjoyed reading this 🙂


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