Sunday Summary #38

1|  Travel as Therapy – an Introduction by The Book of Life

I love the idea of considering travel destinations in terms of psychological virtues rather than surface level pursuits of a “culture weekend” or “island hideaway.”  And I love their examples of places to go, as well as the accompanying virtue, at the end of the piece!

“In the future, we would ideally be more conscious travellers – aware that we were on a search for places that could deliver psychological virtues like ‘calm’ or ‘perspective,’ ‘sensuality’ or ‘rigour’. A visitor to Monument Valley wouldn’t just be in it for a bit of undefined ‘adventure’, something to enjoy and then gradually forget about two weeks later; travelling to the place would be an occasion fundamentally to reorient one’s personality.”

2|  Yesssss!  The Star Trek cast is killing Dubsmash!

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