Let’s Talk About … Tom Hiddleston as James Bond

with Elizabeth

I have used snippets of my Messenger conversations with Elizabeth twice now on my blog.  I am convinced that we are hilarious, pathetic, and witty, which are three of the things most necessary to creating a blog series.  Presented occasionally:  “Let’s Talk About…” with Elizabeth! 

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Elizabeth:  A reporter in DC is interviewing Tom Hiddleston on TV right now and it is not me.  Life is unfair.

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Tricia:  Whoa, there’s so much going on here!  First, obviously, how dare he dance with and/or touch anyone but you or me!?  But also, is he going to be the next James Bond???  I don’t know how I feel about that!
Elizabeth:  Yeah, there are rumors, apparently, but I’m not necessarily down with that.  Mostly because I want him to do comedy, but also because I’m not a huge James Bond fan.
Tricia:  The role just seems like everything he is not.  Whether he’s playing villains or heroes, he’s always very emotional, and that’s why I love him.  James Bond is always emotionless.
Elizabeth:  And a misogynist.  You can’t redeem Bond.
Tricia:  Unless he REMAKES James Bond. 

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Elizabeth:  Remember all the furor over “blond Bond” Daniel Craig?
I’m so glad we’ve moved into an era of acceptance where Bond can be a blond chiseled and sexy white guy instead of a brunette chiseled and sexy white guy.
Tricia:  I see your sarcasm, but I really liked Daniel Craig’s Bond.  HOWEVER, I feel it is important to say that although I want Tom Hiddleston to be in everything, I actually think Idris Elba is the best Bond choice.  We need some racial diversity while maintaining the Bulky Man Box aesthetic.
Elizabeth:  Idris Elba!   Continue reading