Sunday Summary #50

1|  There is nothing I love more than grown men giggling helplessly.  This video goes in my “Keep in Case of Sadness” mental category.

Sunday Summary #49

1|  There is a large part of me that wants to ignore the fact that Johnny Depp abused Amber Heard, but that is a disservice to her experience.  I’m grateful that she’s speaking out and encouraging other women who are silenced by self-shame to escape dangerous relationships.

2|  Did that last video depress you?  Cheer up with this AMAZING mashup of Hamilton and Beyonce songs.  These people are astoundingly talented.

3|  I love this woman and everything she stands for.

4|  Alexander Hamilton Drunk History!! Does anyone know how I can watch the whole episode?


Sunday Summary #48

1|  This is exactly the kind of thinking that goes through my own head on a regular cat-cuddling day.

Sunday Summary #47

1|  I didn’t need more evidence that Lin-Manuel Miranda is the world’s cutiest pie, but the world delivered this adorable family video anyway.

2|  FINALLY the first full-length trailer of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I am very optimistic!

Sunday Summary #46

1|  My vacation in Slovenia was one of my favorite trips this year, and this couple’s blog post has GORGEOUS pictures of some of my favorite destinations!

2|  NomadicMatt is one of my favorite travel bloggers, and I love this piece he did about pursuing your life’s passion.

But I don’t buy into the idea that “you can find your passion” by sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking, “OK, I’m going to write down my passion and just do that.”

I think you stumble onto your passion.

You go out and live life and then realize: “this is the thing that lights my fire the most.”

Instagram Recommendation List

In my latest Podcast Recommendation List, Kim commented and requested that I do a similar post about Instagram.  I love fulfilling readers’ wishes, so here you go!  Five people I follow on Instagram that I think other people might like following too.


This Midwestern instagrammer posts simple pictures of life in the country:  leaves, sunsets,dandelions, farmhouses.  The photos are simple and pretty, and they remind me of everything I love best about my homeland.



Momo is the cutest dog on the internet, and I cannot help but feel happy every time a new post appears of her (his?) expressive black and white face.screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-58-52-pm


Iceland is at the top of my list of must-visit countries, and this Instagram account fuels my desire with each new picture of stunning mountains, ice blue lagoons, and sweet cityscapes.screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-56-49-pm


This Instagrammer specializes in minimalist photos that make my heart feel peaceful.  Therapy in an app.



With all this natural beauty, it’s only fitting to appreciate the male form too, right?  And it is a scientific fact that male forms always look better with a kitten!


What Instagram accounts do you like?  

Leave a recommendation in the comments below!

Podcast Recommendation List | PART 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop…listening to podcasts.

I recommended five my favorite podcasts in May and another five in August.  The wait times between rec posts are shrinking because there are SO MANY great podcasts out there.  It’s getting to be quite difficult to put all this great material into my ears, but I try.  Hopefully you’ll find something you want to try listening to during your commuting, cooking, or cleaning times!

2f670f04e37c565171566f49c7d30a8c1|  Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds stands out amongst hour+ long podcasts by being between 20-25 minutes each episode.  Host Eric Molinsky delves into all things fantasy and science fiction, sometimes veering historical, other times cultural or just flat-out nerdy.  Some of my favorite episodes include “Heroines,” “Politics of Thrones,” “Undertale,” and “Fantasy Maps.”

600x600bb2|  My Brother, My Brother And Me

Lin-Manuel Miranda mentioned this podcast in the Hamiltome Continue reading

Bucky Barnes Fanvids

Every once in a while, a girl has to binge herself on fanmade videos of Bucky Barnes.

This is a thing, right?

It all started with this video I found on Tumblr, which was captioned “this is so erotic” and THEY WERE RIGHT.

My fav is problematic Pt. 143.  I’m a pacifist, okay!  But I still get turned on by powerful men working out their toxic masculinity in tight-fitting leather outfits because they don’t know how to express their feelings and be proper humans!!

It helps that the editing of this video is SPOT ON and wow, does the synchronization of punching/music beats really make the whole thing pop.

I moved on to this video, which did a great job of transitioning from sad “omg Steve lost his BFF Bucky” to screeching “I’m alive and I want to punch people to death!!!”

These are the two things I love most about Bucky.  There’s the tragedy of his story (and Steve’s story).  They are people manipulated by governmental powers into becoming something other than themselves (sometimes for good, but always something foreign).  Steve takes that confusion and anger and buries it, Bucky takes that confusion and anger and expresses it.

Maybe my fav is not so problematic!  Through the character of Bucky Barnes, I get to see expressed anger, to vicariously live through someone who is like, “THIS SUCKS AND I WILL FIGHT MY WAY OUT OF IT” which is so NOT my natural reaction.

I might be pushing this a little too far, because let’s be real, this is mostly about dat body.

Anyway, I fell down the Bucky Fanfid rabbithole, and eventually I was left with not very well-crafted videos, so I need your help!  Do you know of any great Bucky Barnes (or other Marvel-themed) videos to recommend?

IRL vs. Online Persona

Recently, a person who mostly knows me through the Internet called me an Enneagram 7. For those not well-versed in the Enneagram, a 7 is a personality that is FUN and ENERGETIC and ALWAYS MOVING.  I (virtually) laughed in this person’s face and said I am a 4, the personality that is MOODY and EMOTIONAL and DEEP.  This person was shocked and argued with me, and I realized…my internet persona IS a 7.

On Facebook, I intentionally try to keep things positive.  There is some internet pressure there, to show the best of your life, but I do try to keep things real with silly selfies or self-deprecating jokes.  But even the “realness” is framed optimistically.  I rarely complain on Facebook, or get into arguments, or share the deep things I’m thinking about.  I’ll occasionally get into those things here on my blog, but on Facebook?  It’s curated to be a safe, fun place for people to mentally and emotionally check out.

I am fine with this, and people who know me well know that this is not every part of me.  It’s not even the most important part of me!  But then there are the people who met me once or twice and then only keep up with me via Facebook.  I don’t really mind that they don’t know me, so long as our relationship stays online.  But when we meet in person?  I’m suddenly all “Let’s stay in and watch five hours of TV and then discuss what emotional themes struck us especially hard and why” and they’re like, “Um, jokes?”

This is why I am very skeptical of online relationships and why, for me, online dating is IMPOSSIBLE.  I cannot meet someone as a 7 and then reveal myself to be a 4.  Especially because, as a 4, it hurts SO MUCH to see someone start to like a version of myself that isn’t actually me.

But I have to say,  I like my online persona, and I’m not going to change it.  I want Facebook to be feel good and entertaining.  I’m comfortable with the knowledge that the people who matter to me know me beyond the Happy Fun Times version available online.

What about you?  Do you have a split personality?  How do you feel about it?