Learning the Enneagram RESOURCES

Books The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile This book is a perfect primer for people new to the Enneagram.  It is simple, relatable, and the lists at the beginning of each chapter, "What It's Like to be a Four," go a long way toward helping you identify your type.… Continue reading Learning the Enneagram RESOURCES


Why Do So Many Enneagram Fours Want to Be Nines?

I still get comments on the blog post in which I discovered that I was not an Enneagram Nine, but a Four, and went through an emotional meltdown of sorts (I've since come to terms with being a Four, and now I love it...mostly).  There are apparently many people out there who misidentified themselves as… Continue reading Why Do So Many Enneagram Fours Want to Be Nines?

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Podcast Recommendation List | PART 4

It's been almost a year since I last recommended podcasts that I love, so let's do this again! 1| Fathoms Deep As reported elsewhere, I am currently obsessed with the absolutely amazing (four seasons and finished) television show Black Sails.  Run by two women who understand how important it is to overanalyze every character, line,… Continue reading Podcast Recommendation List | PART 4


Enneagram 4 Life Hack

Accept that you need to feel special. Realize that you can determine what "special" is. For example, I have spent the last four months living in a world in which I lost most of the things that I thought made me special.  While waiting for visa paperwork to come through so that I can return… Continue reading Enneagram 4 Life Hack

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IRL vs. Online Persona

Recently, a person who mostly knows me through the Internet called me an Enneagram 7. For those not well-versed in the Enneagram, a 7 is a personality that is FUN and ENERGETIC and ALWAYS MOVING.  I (virtually) laughed in this person's face and said I am a 4, the personality that is MOODY and EMOTIONAL… Continue reading IRL vs. Online Persona

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A Brief Description of the Enneagram

I have long been a fan of Myers-Briggs, and I talk frequently about being an INFJ on this blog, but I am totally having an affair with the Enneagram personality type system. The Enneagram "teaches that there are nine different personality styles, one of which we naturally gravitate toward and adopt in childhood to cope… Continue reading A Brief Description of the Enneagram


Coming to Terms with Being Type Four in the Enneagram

If you don't know what the Enneagram is, this post won't make much sense to you.  Check out The Enneagram Institute for more information, and take one of their tests to find your personality type. Several days ago, I wrote a blog post about my identity crisis when I realized I was not an Enneagram… Continue reading Coming to Terms with Being Type Four in the Enneagram